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The LM1 case, once more, is 44mm wide by 16mm thick (due to the radically domed sapphire crystal). It wears quite comfortably and contains a very sexy manually wound mechanical movement created only for MB&F. The motion is created from 279 components, and works at 2.5Hz (18,000bph) using a power reserve of 45 hours. The relatively slow equilibrium wheel frequency was intentional so that the user can better view the regulation organ’s cartoon through the dialup, as the balance wheel is prominently exhibited sitting on a bridge across the face.One of my all-time favorite features of the MB&F LM1 is that the “vertical” linear power reserve indicator. Rather than a traditional hand on a dial, a little arm moves up and down vertically over the surface since the power reserve indicator. Time is told through two dials. Each is more or less independent and may be put into the moment as you like with one of 2 committed implants situated on either side of this situation. It makes for quite a convenient two-time-zone timepiece.The blued steel hands on the legible white lacquer dials match


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