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Ask any watchmaker to list the top ten or even top five watchmakers in history, and chances are that Abraham-Louis Breguet is on that list. Breguet’s contribution to watchmaking cannot be overstated. After all, he is the inventor of the tourbillon and he also popularized the Breguet-style numerals and hands. And this month, we have a real treat for you, as we get up close with, not one, but two pocket watches and a clock that were made by Breguet himself in the early 1800s.

Since we are on the topic of antiques, we were also introduced to a special Mb&f Watch Copy Replica safe that is made using an antique medieval safe also dating to the 1800s. Leaving the realm of the antiquities, MB&F recently released a brand new Horological Machine watch – the HM6 Space Pirate – and we were there to check out Max Büsser’s latest masterpiece. Another piece of high-end horology that we spent time with r


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