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Top 10 My First Grail Watch: Maximilian Büsser Of MB&F Replica Buyers Guide

My First Grail Watch:  Maximilian Büsser Of MB&F My First Grail Watch

To many people the capability to tote around an MB&F is a dream. It represents the pinnacle in indulging a luxury lover’s gadget fetish – to wear an extremely complex, superbly made creation that’s a wearable statement of someone’s values and appreciation to the more avant garde fine things in life. It’s a statement as much as it is a love of art. Max Busser has resolutely recorded a niche section of the luxury wrist watch marketplace, and provides no evidence of letting go.MB&F really started as Max built the Opus watch collection at Harry Winston. A ‘one crazy watch annually’ notion that place Harry Winston on the map to watch fans. Business-wise that the Opus collection proved to be a mixed bag. The high complication timepieces were very expensive to make, and did not have the profit margins that quartz-based diamond decorated women’s watches did. However, quartz diamond watches simply aren’t that


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