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While ceramic models exist, most MB&F watches are produced from precious metals, which is the case with most preceding Legacy Machine 1 watches. Steel is a favorite metal by collectors for its durability and non-pretentious character. MB&F has triumphed (for now) it will look at using steel as the material for future “final edition” watches.What is a “final edition?” MB&F has two kinds of goods – those that are strict limited editions and those which aren’t – but produced in limited amounts. When the MB&F LM1 was originally introduced, it was a part of the core MB&F collection, meaning that the brand could apparently produce as many as they’d like without stopping production. Though, given the brand’s production limit of roughly 300 watches per year, there are just so many timepieces they have the bandwidth to create. A Final Edition is a final pair of watches made by MB&F when they’re entirely quitting creation of a specific model. Approximately six years after the first introduction of this MB&F Legacy Machine 1 watch, MB&F stated they made “about” 435 LM1 watches at total. That includes a couple of limited-edition models, along with a couple of non-limited versions. Thus, the total production of all MB&F LM1 watches – despite


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