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Baume & Mercier introduces a new chronograph inspired by the legendary “Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé”, probably the most iconic car in American motorsports. In celebration of its legacy, Peter Brock personally joined with Baume & Mercier’s Design Director Alexandre Peraldi to create a collection that sets a new standard in style and presence. The chronograph is limited to 196 pieces.

Frankly, I simply liked these layout cues because they combine up the style of a rectangular opinion. Sure it would be simple to make a thin rectangular case, slap a level crystal onto it, and call it a day. With the Baume & Mercier Hampton, you really do have that look when viewed from straight on, but when viewed at any type of angle, you find the design work they put in the watch to allow it to stand out.Tucked into the situation (and viewable through the caseback) is a 4 Hz automatic motion, naturally, pushes the three hands and the date screen down at 6 o’clock. While I do generally like seeing a date display on a watch (especially one that’s very likely to see daily wear duty, not worn just on special events), it feels as though it may be a little bit of a miss. Together with the numerals after the straight edges of the case and keeping things balanced, the date window just feels marginally off-kilter, both concerning placement and sizing. Both of these facets are, of course, restricted by having a date wheel (around) in a situation of the particular shape. It can only be me, but I believe the general design would be served by deleting the date complication. And, while we’re at it, the “automatic” text: they do this to differentiate it in the quartz model, but it appears to just be a diversion on the dial.What should not be altered, however, is the handset. For starters, we’ve got a three-hander here, and I like having a second hands on the move to let me know the watch is living. Next up, lets discuss measurements on the sword-shaped hands on. On a rectangular case, it can be complicated to find the lengths right so they do not seem to crowd the brief side of the dial or have lost on the lengthy run. About the Baume & Mercier Hampton, they did a nice job of balancing the two, while maintaining the palms in proportion to each other. Last, let us discuss the bluing.


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