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The new Promesse watch gives a glimpse into the mystery behind the four phases of the moon, unveiling each chapter right on the dial. This precious timepiece is a new star amongst Promesse, a collection launched in 2014.. With this new addition, Baume & Mercier combines the poetic complication of fine watchmaking with the aesthetic of a piece of jewellery.

As Baume & Mercier’s signature semi-casual dress watch, the resourceful Clifton can play host to some fairly vast array of complications — all from easy GMT and moonphase screens, to perpetual calendars and this wild minute-repeating pocket watch. So it should come as little surprise for 2017, as in years’ past, the entry Richmont manufacturer is leaning onto the Clifton’s flexibility to showcase their most recent technology: an in-house manufactured manual-winding movement equipped with a distinctive system meant to boost accuracy.The Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 is the very first Richemont group watch to deploy this new tech, called TwinSpir, which will be based around a new kind of proprietary ion hairspring developed by the Richemont Research & Innovation team. This new spring is comprised of a distinctive, composite construction that combines two layers of silicon, alternatively oriented and bound through a coating of silicon dioxide. The goal was to create a hairspring that wasn’t only immune to the usual consequences — rust, magnetism, etc., but one that was also largely immune to changes in temperature and infinitesimal variances in pressure while it oscillates.Now, calling TwinSpir the foundation for a thermocompensated mechanical movement could be something of a gross oversimplification, but this is not far from the premise, either. But, rather than actively adjust for changes in temperature, this system mutes them. For example, where a normal hairspring might demonstrate varying levels of elasticity (and therefore subtly differing oscillation speeds) on the wrist on a warm day, vs. sitting on a bedside table, the fundamental assumption of TwinSpir is to create a more consistently secure hairspring that is mostly immune from these thermoelastic variances regardless of the watch’s ambient temperatures. Additionally, as the hairspring contracts and expands through its typical oscillations, the layered structure was made to create a perfectly and more constant oscillation, removing any subtle irregularities in elasticity (or even “elastic anisotropies”) that will also adversely affect the chronometric rate — a known functionality trait exhibited by many traditional hairsprings.

With a modern twist, the moonphase drawing perfectly suits the blue lacquered dial. The 30 diamonds, set like two crescent moons, brighten up this starry night and highlight the oval shaped bezel, perfectly fitting into the round 34mm polished steel case. This interplay of shapes has been the trademark of Promesse since its creation. The glossy midnight blue alligator strap completes the timepiece.

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