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The sleek, understated utilitarian appearance of the bike makes you believe you could ride this anywhere, at anytime, sporting anything, maybe even a slim-fitted suit. The fit and finish of this Bobber may be best described as bang for your dollar with a massive emphasis on bang and not as much about the buck; another similarity with the Clifton Club’s satisfying and tight build quality not generally seen on competitors’ watches at the same price range.Baume et Mercier had made a limited version for the Shelby Cobra, so it was natural that they’d be releasing a bit to kick-off their partnership with Indian Motorcycles, the Burt Munro Limited Edition. With respect to tribute pieces, limited editions, and theme oriented watches, I like them to be over the top. Meaning, I truly need the newest to embody whatever they are trying to achieve with this “special” piece. Some brands will just affix a symbol, possibly change the color of the dial, or even simply place the watch on another strap and call it a day. The motor powering the watch is exactly the same automatic Valjoux 7750 running smoothly on 25 stones at 4Hz, capable of keeping up to 48 hours in its reserve tank. Thus far, so familiar, but where the watch actually stands besides its Shelby Cobra sibling is at the details of the tachymeter and dial.

Partner of Carroll Shelby Inc. since 2015, Baume & Mercier has designed several Clifton Club Shelby Cobra models, in collaboration with Peter Brock, designer of the iconic Shelby Cobra Daytona racing car. This film tells about the key moments of this collaboration and the creation process of the watches.



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